Have different Reusable Shopping bag processing technique

What’s the popular processing technique of various Recycle Grocery Bags, Non Woven Bags, Custom Tote Bags?
We listed the most common technique in below:

Shopping bag Workmanship

Heat sealed (ultrasonic), available for loading clothes, gift and other lighter weight.
Stitching (sewing), available for loading heavier weight.
Hand with X-cross for better keeping the Weight capacity.
Some customers prefer to use a set of button or velcro closed the bag top.

Reusable Shopping Bags Classification

Which reusable shopping bags, promotional shopping bags available for you?

As you know, there are have various reusable shopping bags in the market.
Widely used in supermarket, shopping, promotional items, grocery shop,
fruit and vegetables shop. Now, we list most frequently used bags in below:

Shopping Bag Models

A. The model without bottom and gusset. Only width and height size.
Making the bags by heat sealed or stitching (sewing). Customized print logo and bag size.
B. The model without gusset, but with bottom.  Making the bags by heat sealed
or stitching (sewing). Customized print logo and bag size.
C. The model with gusset and bottom. It’s popular item. Also could do heat sealed
or stitching. Customized print logo and bag size.
D. It’s drawstring bag. Simple design, with rope on the bag top.
Usually the material is PP Non-woven, Polyester and Cotton material.
E. Backpack. Few model with triangular leather sewn in the left and right bottom.
The popular material is PP Non-woven, Polyester and Cotton material.
If you have question about these reusable shopping bags classification, please contact us.

Non woven tote bags color and gram weight

What’s about the difference non-woven fabric gram weight? How many colors of non-woven fabric? Please see the below detail explain. Hope that you will clearly know these.

Fabric Color

Totally about 30 different fabric color could be chosen by customers. Or you could specify Pantone No. , then we will math the similar fabric color for you.

Non-woven gram comparation

Whether you doubt about how to distinguish different fabric gram weight? From the above photo shown, you could clearly see it. 30gsm-120gsm,thickness is much more compare with gram weight and fabric density is getting crowded together.

In that case, if you want to purchase the non-woven tote bags, except custom bag size, print, should check fabric color and gram weight (gsm). Have any question, please contact us. Many thanks!