Reusable Grocery Bags

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Recycle Grocery Bags

It's obvious that Recycle Grocery Bags is a good idea. Do you imagine how much energy and raw materials are required to make plastic shopping bags, and how much do we save by recycling them? It is important to note that plastic bags were rarely degradable. When plastic bags discarded, they end up in landfill or bodies of water such as the ocean. In research, lots of fishes died due to more plastic bags in the sea. So please don't use a plastic bag, reusable grocery tote bag is your good friend!

Model Number: GW-N05                                                              Material:  PP Non-Woven                                                      Size: Custom size- Customer demand                                  Print: Silkscreen print/ Heat transfer print / Offset print

Recycle Grocery Bags Description

There is a truth, Plastics basically are made from natural gas, oil or even plant materials, and there are plenty of environmental impacts no matter how they produced. You have probably noticed that most stores have eliminated plastic bags and are encouraging their customers to bring their recycling grocery bags. This is because plastic bags have found to be very harmful to our environment. Kenya, although it's an underdeveloped country, The Government declared it would enforce the ban on plastic bags in last year and asked Kenyans to embrace alternatives that include bags made from paper, cloth, gunny bags, etc. When you're a traveller in Kenya, remember that don't take plastic bag in your luggage. Or else, you will face a terrible penalty even go to jail.

The reusable grocery bag looks different with other bags.

The model reusable grocery tote bag particular design for carrying wines or soft drink. Used degradable PP Non-Woven fabric, sewn cardboard or PP board in the bottom of the bag. It's convenient for putting 2-6 pcs bottle inside and easy to take away. We could print a lovely or beautiful photo on the bag for better promote your products.

Anyway, We promise that provide perfect service and quality recyclable grocery bags with our customers.

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Reusable Grocery Bags Specifications Sheet

Product Name Reusable Grocery Bags
Model Name GW-N05
Material PP Non-woven (degradable)
Size Customized
Fabric color Customized
Print Silkscreen print, heat transfer, offset
Print Artwork Need AI,PDF or CDR vectorgraph file
Packing: 200pcs/ctn
Delivery date: 21 days
MOQ: 1000pcs